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At Ratio Recruitment, we take pride in our ability to connect talented individuals with exceptional career opportunities. With our headquarters located in the west of Ireland, with hubs across the island of Ireland including Limerick and Dublin and an office in bustling Manchester, UK, we have successfully established ourselves as a trusted recruitment company operating on both sides of the Irish Sea. Today, we want to share the story of our journey and highlight the strengths that make us a valuable partner for job seekers and employers alike.

Expanding Horizons:

What began as a humble team of five recruitment consultants in Roscommon has evolved into a thriving enterprise with a footprint in two different locations. Our dedication to fostering strong relationships with both candidates and companies has driven our growth and allowed us to expand our reach beyond geographical boundaries. Recognizing the immense potential in Manchester’s vibrant job market, we established our UK office, staffed by three talented recruitment consultants, to better serve our clients’ needs.


A Local Touch, Global Impact:

While we may have grown in scale, our commitment to personalized service and deep understanding of local markets remains at the core of our ethos. Our consultants in Roscommon bring an in-depth knowledge of the Irish job market, connecting skilled professionals with opportunities that align with their aspirations. Similarly, our Manchester-based consultants possess an intimate understanding of the UK job landscape, enabling us to bridge the gap for both candidates and employers seeking top talent.


Building Relationships:

At Ratio Recruitment, we firmly believe that successful recruitment is built on nurturing meaningful relationships. Our dedicated team of consultants takes the time to understand the unique requirements of our clients and candidates, facilitating ideal matches that go beyond mere qualifications and experience. Whether it’s finding the perfect candidate to drive a company’s growth or guiding an individual towards their dream job, we prioritize building long-lasting connections that benefit all parties involved.


Unparalleled Expertise:

Our recruitment consultants possess a wealth of industry knowledge, spanning various sectors and job functions. With their extensive expertise, they are adept at identifying key skills, assessing cultural fit, and ensuring a seamless recruitment process for all parties. We leverage our experience and networks to provide comprehensive support to our clients and candidates, guiding them through every step of the recruitment journey.



A Tailored Approach:

Recognizing that each hiring requirement is unique, we take a customized approach to our recruitment strategies. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their organizational culture, values, and specific needs. Our consultants leverage this insight to curate a selection of top-tier candidates who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also align with the company’s ethos and vision.



As we continue to thrive in the recruitment industry, Ratio Recruitment remains dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with outstanding career opportunities. With our strong presence in Ireland and Manchester, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between Ireland and the UK, providing comprehensive recruitment solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and candidates. Whether you’re an employer seeking top talent or a job seeker looking for your next big opportunity, we are here to help you achieve success.


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